3 Must Have Books For RBE Kids

3 Must Have Books For RBE Kids

Table of Contents

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Reading is one of the important RBE practice that must be imbibed in a child’s daily  Routine as young as 3 months. It stimulate the Whole (Right) Brain development I need  to write 1000 blogs to explain the Importance of Reading ,I could not do justice to it.

Reading for a child  gives lots of benefits.

That’s Why Islam Stresses on “Reading “very much. The first Verses from the Noble Quran to Our Lovable Prophet (May Allah Raise his rank and Protect him ) is

ٱقْرَأْ بِٱسْمِ رَبِّكَ ٱلَّذِى خَلَقَ (surah alaq 96-1)

Read! In the name of your Lord Who has created (all that exists)

خَلَقَ ٱلْإِنسَـٰنَ مِنْ عَلَقٍ (surah alaq 96-1)

He created man from a clot(a piece of thick coagulated blood)

These verses could have been sent later too. But the Revelation began with these verses not only for the Prophet but also for the entire Mankind underlining the Importance of Reading in cultivating one’s life with the knowledge that takes us  on the Straight Path. We Muslims, must inculcate this act of Reading in us as well as our kids. In sha Allah.

There are three most important books that will beautify our flash learners as well as Our  Home Library. They are

  1. The Interpretation of the  Noble Quran with full page Arabic/English in the English language summarized in one volume by dr. Muhammad Taqi ud din al hilali and dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan (Quran 21.5 ×16.5 cm version)
  2.  The Sealed Nectar-The  Biography of the Nobel Prophet by Safiur Rahman al Mubarakpuri
  3. The New Children’s Encyclopedia: Packed with thousands of facts, stats, and illustrations (Visual Encyclopedia) Hardcover.

Let’s see How to use them one by one in detail  for our Hungry Learners efficiently .In shaa Allah.

Table of Contents

1- The  Noble Quran with full page Arabic/English


No matter what age the children are, stories never fail to impress. Who can be the best in narrating stories than Allah?
As for sure we cannot read the entire Quran for our little light learners but we can still take short stories from each part of the Quran and then narrate in  our own words the commentaries for the same.
As a parent one might think that there are  no bright colors or attractive pictures in the Quran and how would their children find that enthusiastic and fun? This question gets a spot-on answer right here!

When you narrate stories after understanding ,Our RBE children are able to understand them to a greater level .

Why Refer this translation Specifically?

  • While many translations are available in the market, this gets the first score in referring even for us -adults as it is recommended by the Major Scholars of Islam.
  • After buying six copies for myself and for my loved ones, and recommending to my friends and students I prefer this version of the Noble Quran as you can find the complete Quran in Arabic  by the right side according to Madinah Script also called as Uthmani script.
Right Side Full Quran 15 pages
Left Side :Interpretation of Quran
  • To make it simple ,It looks like a normal Quran with each juz (part) occupying 20 pages exactly with a page consisting of  15 lines easier to recite on a daily basis as well as to do memorisation.30 days and 30 juz (1 day- 20 pages)
  • We all know changing Quran is not recommended for those who memorize Quran as the eyesight always captures the pages for its visual memory. By using this Quran Interpretation ,You would also learn the meaning of the Quran as well as able to recite it as a breeze, Bi ithni Allah.
  • Now, We parents just read the meaning from this Quran interpretation ,understand and then tell stories to kids. It can be started when the toddler is 2 years or even less if your kids understand what you say.

For example, We shall choose the following stories from the mentioned verses -and then narrate a little elaborately to capture their minds

  • Story of Yusuf in 12:4-101
  • Companions of the Cave 18:9-26
  • Story of Dhul Qarnain 18:83-99
  • Story of Mosa and Kidr 18:60-82
  • Story of People of the Garden 68:19-33
  • Story of Moosa 28:4-43
  • Story of Zakariyya 19:2-15
  • Story Of Maryam 19:16-37

And many more subhanAllah. Better to bookmark and keep to say some important points like Jannah, Jahannam how the Paradise will be etc.

The Children learn the wisdom which Allah tells us in the Quran

If you are interested in getting more stories from Quran to your babies, please mention in the comment section below.

Remember! First, Read  to Yourself ,understand and then tell the story to capture these little minds but don’t over do it!Stop before they say “Stop “!

2-  The Sealed Nectar-The  Biography of the Noble Prophet by Safiur Rahman al Mubarakpuri


Who can be the best hero than our beloved Prophet Muhammad (May Allah Raise his status and Protect him)!
The best recorded version of our prophet’s life story has been wonderfully narrated and compiled in this book “The Sealed Nectar”. It is surely an ever lasting sweetness upon the tongue as well as  the heart.
Just like how in Jannah each and every fruit tastes better and differently excellent every time it is  served, the very same feeling can be felt while reading this book.
One can never feel bored, tired or already read sensation in this book.
The new version has pictures that’s why it takes frontier than the previous versions.

Again few pages to start with our loved little ones are as follows:

  • The Emigration of our Prophet(May Allah Raise his status and Protect him) with Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) and hiding in the cave pages 234-239
  • Umar bin Khattab(May Allah be pleased with him) entering Islam  pages from 155
  • The Battle of Badr from page 294
  • The fiercest Battle in the life time of Prophet-Battle of Mu’tah
  • The love for Ansar in the Prophet’s heart page 551-553
  • The Most loved ,the Most cried ,the Most longing part-The Death of Our Prophet (May Allah Raise his status and Protect him) from pages 618-628
  • Very important addition -The Prophet’s Character and Manners pages 639-650

Allahu Akbar!The thirst of  “We ” being  the latter generations who dint accompany our Prophet (May Allah Raise his status and Protect him) at least can be satisfied  a little by reading this book.

The Respect ,We have for Our Companions like Abu bakr, Umar, Uthman,Ali , Hamza, Khalid ibn Walid, Zaid ibn Harithah, Talha and many more has no limits. SubhanaAllah. (May Allah be pleased with them)

Starting from 2 plus years, explaining them a little by little will make our Little Ones understand the  True Bravery and True Manners of Our Prophet and Companions. May Allah make us Join them as the For most people in Jannah.

3- The New Children’s Encyclopedia: Packed with thousands of facts, stats, and illustrations (Visual Encyclopedia) Hardcover


Imagining a Book with 100s of Pictures and usage of it for at least a  decade for our “Hungry Learners” as well as our grand kids ,makes this book occupy the third scorer.

Please Note, As  Halal RBE Parents, the Improper Pictures need to be duct taped as there are always a  few, which can be easily done in minutes.

The Wide Usage of this book are

  • Ultra fast flashing of the pages can be initiated  for a few minutes when Our Halal RBE learners are as young as three months old until 2 years.
  • By 2 years , Our quick learners  would have obtained  vivid yet stone engraved memory of them .
  • As time passes by, the quick flashing of pages becomes  narrating stories from the available pictures .
  • When the kid becomes 3  years old we can literally read the content like a short para.
  • Again Stop before they say “Stop”

Thereby this ends up in improving the vocabulary, imagination, facts and knowledge of  Important Core Concepts.

As  a Halal RBE parent, When we show hundreds of flashcards in an ultra fast way – you may easily find yourself  in short of flashcards. That’s the time, this book becomes your short time Rescuer. Even when kids become bigger and know to read, they shall easily use them as a stress buster as they will be keen in knowing more about a picture they knew already. In shaa Allah

Even though I have hundreds of books to tell you ,these books occupy the first place as you can put into practice immediately and use for a life long and pass on to our grand kids In shaa Allah. Do Remember, When you make purchases for these books through the link given , We would get a small amount from it. Its a sadaqatul jaariyah when you refer our posts to other Muslims as you are guiding others to goodness Bi ithni Allah. May Allah reward you abundantly with goodness.


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