Why We need Right brain Education for our posterity?

Why We need Right brain Education for our posterity?

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Having become a parent there would always be a constant thought of what we leave behind for our children. Making sure that you have trained their little brains longing to learn and implement beneficial knowledge will be a  consoling statement not only for you but to any parent !This will make our heart content and aid us to gain rewards in the grave too in shaa Allah. May Allah guide us and our offspring to beneficial knowledge.

The Power of Halal Right Brain Education(Halal RBE) :

Benefits of Halal Right Brain Education:

HALAL RBE  does not only provide flash memory skills but rather imparts:

Improving flash memory skills

Main Hindering Factor-Poor Memory skills

Having worked with  O and A level students in teaching  International Curriculums like British ,American  and more, I seriously see this issue of poor memory and poor comprehension-al skills as “The Main  Hindering Factor” for our children from achieving desired outcomes.

From Brain Injury to Excellence

Considering the childhood happenings of Jim kwik (named as a boy with broken brain by his teachers) ,Kevin Horsely (suffered dyslexic) and their ability to become Brain Coaches had made me deeply understand “The Power of  Training the Little Minds”  in as little as 10 minutes a day ,can make them  “Hungry Learners” free from these disorders ,In shaa Allah.

There are many such Brain injured children after undergoing Right Brain education not only recovered from the disorder but also became exceptional kids with excellent memory. Alhamthulillah. I can give you 100s of such cases as  examples. The Whole Brain Trained Child’s Ability to recall an incident which had happened long  back always amazes you! A 36 month old child can easily say from 10 to 50 cards or even more from the memory and can recall an incident which happened when he was 24 months!

Wholesome Experience of Emotional Connection

Wouldn’t you be amazed when your toddler  getting emotional  when you  narrate him stories from  The Biography of Our  Prophet’s (May Allah’s Peace be upon him)  book” The Sealed Nectar by Saffiur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri “that has an emotional connect. This can only happen when they travel through the story and understand them well. The Memory lasts deep inside the heart rather than just vivid or vague remembrance.
The upshot of these happenings turns out to be the outcome of inducing the right brain power; HALAL RBE to its full glory. They also might crave for an already read book and you might hear them tell you,

“Mom ,Can you again borrow “The Beautiful Moon” from the library?”

Awareness of one’s surroundings

The merriness one might feel when their little ones’ points out at the minute details/changeover of ourselves or the outside environment can never ever be put together in mere terms or words.

The seemingly small or unnoticed changes like the following grasp their attention

  • Changing of  your earring
  • or  some room makeover
  • or a new leaf from the plant
  • or a crescent moon
  • or a beautiful sun set and the list goes on.

Yes, they are aware of their surroundings. The right brain education not only provides knowledge of one’s environment rather it also makes our little learners cognizant of their
surrounding with stone engraved memory even when we give express fast inputs.

Better Imagination

Playing Multiple Games and asking for more Attention Deficit Disorder

As we can see many parents who provide enormous toys, puzzles, expensive games for their children yet the kids seems not satisfied  at all with their belongings and asks for more!

Don’t you wonder why?

Attention deficit disorder is a common disorder now a days happening even with a normal kid. The Brain Cravings has not been addressed at all.

Whole Brain Trained Toddlers Creativity

On the other hand, you may see your Right Brain Trained Toddler

  • Simply building a Ship/bus with Jenga blocks
  • Sitting with you in the Kitchen countertop and preparing food by throwing away the spices roughly inside your cooking vessel thinking of themselves as a great chef .
  • Suddenly becoming a bus driver with his favorite balance bike.
  • Creating a Fire Man game and  a garden water hose turning to be  His fire Man’s hose! and so on

Spending time for themselves by themselves

As a parent we face ample struggles in making our toddlers to focus their mind without having wavering thoughts in order to carry out any
activity. Having said that feeding the brain is nothing but making it earn or crave for the brain activity during the age where it
actually is required, which will eventually become their lifestyle once it is followed meticulously .

People are often surprised by the right brain trained children when they can easily while away some hours of time without demanding your attention for that matter.

“Me-Alone” Time Mom!

You might  see your toddler

  • turning their favorite books like Children’s Encyclopedia (even though they don’t know to read ) and jumping into the stories and traveling with it.
  • doing a drawing and coloring and offering you their Masterpiece
  • Making money by cutting notebook papers in an almost rectangular looking shapes. (Yes, It becomes an easy as a breeze when their things are kept handy in their RBE friendly drawers )
  •  Playing with other elder kids and easily communicate with them while playing and express their feelings too.

Whole brain trained children tend to make the best of whatever they have even when they are given little stuffs  and little attention. The Main part during their “Me time” is its not a burden for Parents and actually its the fun time for kids where they let their Creativity fly in their RBE tailored home. Brain Boosting foods are also of great help.

So it means that parents can also have some me-time finally! wouldn’t it be great?!

Excellence in Implementing Tasks/Goals

In the process of Training Whole Brain, Your  Toddler tends to love  completing his routine on his own.

The Ability to analyze and execute the series of  their actions

  • before bed (Night time Routine)or
  • after waking up(Morning Routine),or
  • after play like clearing the mess
  • arranging their shoes after using in their shoe racks and also yours!

are actually some of the  productive outcomes of RBE trained kid.

Don’t you wanna know how? Its a Win-win situation you know!


Finally, “A Whole Brain Trained child do cry and make Mess! ” But there is always an  easy way for them to be Consoled  because of their Understanding Capacity.  Creative thinking and customizing the Present in regards to what they need is the epitome of success in the Whole Brain Trained Children. The quality of learning, thinking potential, execution of the thought process, decision making, pointing out to the details, effective functioning, having attentiveness, understanding capacity, working with peers are some examples that are the results of  Right/Whole Brain Trained Children.


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